• Jennifer has for 30+ years made her career as a legal assistant/paralegal in Idaho Falls. Prior to the Olsen Taggart merger, Jennifer worked for the firm most recently known as Petersen Moss Hall & Olsen (“Petersen Moss”) starting in early 1991 as a legal secretary for one of the originating partners, George Petersen, until his passing. She later assisted the two remaining attorneys, Stephen Hall and Nathan Olsen (the son of originating partner, Dennis Olsen).

    Her experience in law office settings includes litigation support with cases in Idaho state courts, federal district court, Idaho Supreme Court, and U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition, she has expertise in the documentation of estate planning and probate cases, real estate matters, and business. Jennifer is there to support the lawyers as they work through their busy caseloads. If she does not know the answer to a client’s question, she knows some excellent attorneys who do.

  • Rosalie (Rosie) joined Maynes Taggart PLLC (our predecessor) office in 2008 as the very first employee. She is utterly invaluable dealing with many of the administrative duties, and she has substantial expertise as a legal assistant. Whether its bankruptcy or civil litigation, she is a key part of our team. Rosie is always kind and willing to answer your questions.

    Outside the office Rosie enjoys being around her family, spending time with her husband, cutting firewood in the fall, working in the yard with apple trees and grapes in the summer & fall, and serving in her church year-round. She is a member of the Idaho Falls branch of Toastmasters. She is the mother of 7 sons and 2 daughters and a proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren.

  • Theresa is a valued member of our office, joining our team in November of 2015. She has been helping clients with legal matters, including bankruptcy and state court matters, since 1997. She brings a wealth of procedural experience and familiarity with the courts to every one of her cases. Theresa’s many years of legal experience include bankruptcy, collections, evictions, property and commercial disputes, corporate and limited liability company formation and will preparation, along with a myriad of other civil matters.

    Theresa enjoys helping people through difficult financial and emotional times and helping them get a fresh start in their lives. Theresa is a mother of three beautiful daughters and a proud grandmother of 7. She also enjoys her time out of the office gardening, farming, branding, and herding cattle.

  • Michelle started at PETERSEN MOSS HALL & OLSEN in January 2021 as a legal assistant. Michelle graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho in 2017 in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising. She is excited to bring her marketing and business skills and experience to the office, to help the firm and its clients. Michelle is task-oriented and organized to see her projects through to completion.

    Michelle is originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved to Idaho Falls in 2006. She graduated from Skyline High School and attended Idaho State University before transferring to BYU-I. Outside of the office, Michelle enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, hiking and swimming in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter

  • Alyssa is one of our receptionists. Her duties include answering phones, greeting clients, scheduling appointments, filing and other miscellaneous tasks. She brings professionalism and a bright attitude to our team. In 2017, Alyssa graduated from Compass Academy and started at BYU-Idaho in 2018. After returning from an LDS mission to St. Louis, Missouri, she joined our team while she continues her education at BYU-Idaho. She loves being able to meet new people and help them any way she can.

    While her life can be a bit busy between school, work, and homework, she always keeps a smile on her face. She finds joy in long drives, dancing, and listening to music.

  • Kristen is one of our receptionists. Her duties include answering phones, greeting clients, scheduling appointments, filing and other miscellaneous tasks. She is very organized and enjoys working with others and meeting new people. Kristen graduated from Compass Academy in 2019 and plans on attending the College of Eastern Idaho to become a paralegal. She has two years retail experience and also works part time as a pizza delivery driver for the best pizza place in town. Outside of the office, she enjoys going to concerts, traveling, painting, and hanging out with friends.

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We are a federally designated debt relief agency. We help consumers & businesses in Idaho file for bankruptcy relief under Title 11 of the U.S. Code.

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