At Olsen Taggart PLLC we assist clients by providing legal services in the following areas:

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Debtor Services

We understand that financial distress has a myriad of causes and often seems insurmountable. One of our goals when assisting debtors is to shoulder the clients’ stress as we assist them explore all legal solutions.

In pursuit of solutions, we:

  • Help and support individuals and their families navigate bankruptcy successfully through chapters 7 and 13
  • Assist agricultural businesses and individuals (large and small farms, dairies, trucking companies, etc.) restructure—including through chapters 11 and 12 bankruptcy repayment plans
  • Guide commercial businesses and individuals through corporate restructuring—including through chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization
  • Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcies

Creditor Services

Olsen Taggart also maintains a healthy creditor practice in addition to its work for debtors. We represent regional and local banks, secured creditors, as well as other businesses. By representing both debtors and creditors, we have a depth of experience and unique perspective that provides a tangible advantage to creditors in allowing them to “think like a debtor.”

Our creditor representations include collection actions, real estate foreclosures, personal property repossession (claim and delivery actions), secured transactions, forbearance agreements, bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation (including preparing creditors’ liquidating plans, stay relief, avoidance and fraudulent transfer actions, and prosecution and defense of adversary claims), contract enforcement, UCC matters and loan work outs.

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Commercial Law

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in multiple areas of commercial law – such as business, contracts, banking, secured transactions, litigation/dispute resolution, entity formation and operation, sales, as well as negotiable instruments. Our underlying bankruptcy background gives us the tools to help companies and individuals manage, foresee and prevent financial challenges and their related consequences. Olsen Taggart advises and assists a diverse clientele consisting of large and small farm operations, corporations, large and small business owners, financial institutions and individuals.

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Commercial transactions and disputes

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Real Estate

If you own, buy, sell, or lease real estate, legal issues will arise from time to time. At Maynes Taggart we have the expertise to tackle a wide array of real estate issues:

  • Drafting and enforcing real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Evaluating the enforceability of security agreements and liens like mortgages, deeds of trusts, land contracts, judgments, tax liens, and more
  • Assisting both real estate professionals and their clients and customers
  • Residential and commercial evictions for landlords
  • Assisting landlords and tenants with issues related to their leases
  • Mechanics lien issues
  • Assisting developers with crafting covenants for subdivisions

Reliable real estate attorneys ready to help you Whether you are buying or selling property, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side to make sure everything is legal and that your best interests are protected in any deal. That is why residential and commercial clients have trusted Petersen Moss Hall & Olsen for all their real estate litigation and transaction needs.

Give us a call today for a consultation and put our attorneys on your side! Real estate transactions for homes and businesses Families and businesses have relied on our experience since 1950 for a variety of residential and commercial real estate transactions. We make sure the title is clear and marketable in order to avoid unintended assumptions or incurring of liabilities. We represent and advocate for your best interests, no matter how simple or complex the transaction is. We also take into account your tax consequences.

Helping businesses with their commercial leases We represent landlords and tenants in commercial lease transactions. We can handle large leases involving warehouses and shopping centers, as well as small leases for storefront properties. We also handle triple net leases for big box stores. Let us assist you with all your commercial lease needs, including negotiating, documenting, property development, and other simple or complex lease transactions.

Simple and complex real estate litigation services When your real estate transaction goes wrong, we're here to help you. We defend and prosecute mortgage and non-judicial foreclosure actions, breach of restrictive covenants and contracts, and litigate claims of breach of leases or sale agreements.

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Estate Planning and Wills

Take the first step toward planning your estate Don't put off setting up a will or trust any longer! Protect your interests and those of your family by calling the attorneys at Petersen Moss Hall & Olsen today. We've been helping individuals with their estate planning needs since 1950!

We can handle all types of estate plans, from simple wills to complex estate tax plans. We can also handle business transitions and living trust arrangements.

Will and trust challenges Whether you need to challenge the validity of a will or trust, or you need to defend against such a challenge, you can always count on our attorneys to vigorously represent your interests. We can handle claims of undue influence, incompetency, elder abuse, and breaches of fiduciary duty. We always seek solutions to problems and only litigate to the necessary degree to protect your rights when a reasonable settlement is not yet possible.

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Personal service through the probate process As a small firm, we can give you the personalized service you need during the probate process, especially when dealing with debts and creditors. We try to minimize court involvement and litigation as much as possible by creating reasonable expectations for you and the creditors of your inherited estate.

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Civil and Constitutional Rights

Protecting your rights under the Constitution

As a citizen of the United States and of Idaho, you have certain rights under the law. When those rights are violated by government entities, agencies, or officials, you need an experienced attorney who is willing to stand up for you. Depend on Petersen Moss Hall & Olsen to fight for your rights. We are one of the few firms in southern and eastern Idaho with both the experience and willingness to take on governments - city, county, state or agencies - that have trampled on a citizen's rights. When faced with a civil rights violation, call us immediately for a consultation.

Our civil rights litigation includes:

  • Property rights
  • 5th Amendment takings
  • Due process violations
  • Whistle-blower

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Appellate Work

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